The Children Series!
Can you trust a ghost to solve a crime?

Twelve year old Mikey hates hockey, but loves newspaper reporting, he’s quirky that way. One night, Mikey discovers the newspaper story of a lifetime when he falls through the ice of the Sherman Oaks Pond and sees the ghosts of the children with a secret. And that’s when everything falls apart. No one believes Mikey’s story, not even his dad, the town Sheriff. 
But the murder mystery is only one of his problems... 

Now Mikey has to let go and trust a ghost to help him solve a crime. As he investigates the crime, he uncovers something about his dad, himself, and what it means to be a hero. 

With the help of his quirky friends, Lexie, Donnie, Chad, and Destrey, Mikey decodes the ghost’s clues and discovers the killer is closer than he thought. Mikey has always found it hard to trust anyone. This time he will have to trust a ghost. Can you trust a ghost to solve a crime? Mikey has to convince the town his story is true before the killer strikes again. Will he succeed? Or will the killer get to him first?

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